Laboratory 62

Ep 1. Prologue Part 1-Ghost Cab Mom

Episode Summary

In the first Laboratory 62 episode our three young heros investigate why their friend went off the road in the morning fog. But will they make it out of detention first? And how 11 year-old get around, maybe call a cab? Addison plays Habib Skeeterberg archetype...troublemaker, and it doesn't take long for him to prove it. Levi plays a rocker named Obediah Westfall, his classic bass guitar goes everywhere with him, a charmer and and a loyal friend. Marcus plays the resident wierdo, Janis. Janis doesn't fit in with family or at school but good friends and heaps of self assurance gets her through each and every day. Immerse yourself in the rich world of Tales from the Loop where wonder and mystery abounds. Where technology advances faster than anyone thought possible but not everyone is using it for good.

Episode Notes

Big thanks to Nathan Campbell for the intro and outro music he so generously let me use from his sound cloud.